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“if somebody becomes panicked when you accuse them of lying theyre obviously not telling the truth” shut up ugly im a survivor who got punished for shit i never did all the time of fucking course im gonna panic when im blamed for something i didnt do

since this post is actually getting attention rn i really want to emphasize this-

many of the “tells” of lying are traits commonly found in abuse survivors and mentally ill/disabled people.

stuttering, averting eye contact, panicking, raising your volume, fidgeting, and other similar traits are actions performed commonly by these groups, especially in situations of heavy stress- such as being accused of doing something we didnt do, especially if we are afraid of being punished for doing nothing.

im honestly begging people to think critically when accusing somebody of lying for small traits like these.

Also I don’t know how common it is in autistic adults or if its just me but avoiding eye contact is supposed to be a tell. Or muttering or trailing off. But like??? I will personally just never look people in the eye. It makes me uncomfortable and there’s nothing about looking in a person’s eyes that really holds my attention. Like all this shit youre supposed to see in a person’s eyes I just don’t see. And I trail off and jump around in what I say and stutter and just my speech patterns are very sporadic and a lot of people will ask me if I’m lying if I change how I talk? But that’s really just me being strange. Don’t know if this happens to other people though

i experience this exact thing and its so frustrating when people say im lying because of it

There’s also a lot of cultures where it’s rude to look people in the eye. I’ve known a few students from Sudan that would avoid looking teachers in the eye and the teachers would always assume they were up to something and blame them on things they obviously had no part in. Just because someone avoids eye contact or anything else that seems rude or guilty to YOU doesn’t mean they are.

^^^^ this too!!

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